As part of our involvement with local Schools and Colleges we are working towards providing a Good Alternative Provision for children and young people who need extra support.  We have set out a framework for AP inclusion which can help in the main areas.  Our provision is dedicated to helping our students develop useful Industry Skills which can be required for working within the Creative Industries.   

>>>  Education Support:

As well as helping to support students with Homework projects, we also work to create opportunities in gaining industry skills through our IT support. This works in several areas that help students gain confidence in IT and promote using imagination to create their own style of communication.  This can include:

  • Basic Word-processing skills using Microsoft Word. 

  • Basic Spreadsheet Skills using Microsoft Excel. 

  • Basic E-Safety and navigation using the Internet. 

  • Creating a Webpage or Youtube Channel (dependent on age – Parental/School Permission is required). 

  • Editing and Production skills using Industry Software such as Adobe Premier Pro & Adobe After Effects. 

  • Adobe Photoshop to develop Digital Art Skills. 

  • Specialised Software such as 3D Modelling & Games Engines for Designing & Development of a small Video Game.

  • Using a Digital Camera.

>>>  Personal Support:  

  • Improving Self-Confidence and Communication through positive involvement in creative projects.

  • Working with others to promote positivity and ownership. 

  • Helping to develop patience, turn taking and responsibility.

  • Using Digital Storytelling to respond to personal feelings. (Please check out the workshops we offer which show the choices we offer in this fantastic area).

  • Understanding what is acceptable and what is not by nurturing positive good behaviour. 

  • Challenging unacceptable ethnic, social and sexuality responses through engaging in positive creative projects and activities.

>>>  Future Facing:

  • Helping to re-integrate back into school, further Education, work or training.   

  • Helping with time-keeping and attendance in both school and the studio. 

  • Offer of Work Experience in a Working Studio.

  • Help students to gain transferable industry skills and knowledge.

If you would like to know more please contact Jane by email to  Thank you.