Our Video Games Design and Development workshops help to discover the basics of this craft.  We use various Development Engines to help our students design and create their first game.    

Depending on what our students want to create we look at all aspects from realising the story they want to tell, to designing characters and environments, game play and game mechanics and much more.   

Our students are encouraged to create a Game of ‘Pong’  or a Role Player game for their first venture.  This helps to learn some important basic skills. Later students move on to develop more complex games which may involve working in 3D modelling and in more advanced Engines. Games when completed or in a Demo format can then be published online in Steam, to get feedback from other developers and gamers or for others to enjoy.                                                                                                           

Video Games Design and Development can be quite complex.  It teaches some great life skills such as being organised, communicating and working with others.  It can take a lot of patience, evolves the imagination and develops analytical thinking and at times can be very frustrating but very rewarding.  It is an amazing imaginative and creative industry.                   

 If you feel that you would like to pursue a career in Games Design or Games Development having a go at our workshops can help gain some industry skills and help to produce a portfolio.


This little video is just the demo of one of the games that our beginner students create.  The game of ‘PONG’ was one of the first Digital games ever invented.  This VERSION was Created in Gamemaker Studio 2.


Jack designed, scripted and developed his very first game build using RPG MAKER VX ACE.  From start to finish this has taken around 4 months to complete during 3hr weekly sessions. We hope you enjoy.  The game is FREE to play on Steam.