Studio Portfolio:


As a studio we wanted to develop our own IP in Animation so we developed our own studio characters to work with us and act out some fun mini-adventures. Introductions for those who haven’t yet checked out our animations; Please meet Inky, Sparky, and Pink Alien our main Studio Characters.  These three guys are the stars of our current and future Animations.



‘Inky’ is an Inventor Drone Bot, who loves up-cycling anything he can get his hands on; old tech, tin and metal are his forte.  He has a passion for 80’s films and music.  Needing a companion in his life he created ‘Sparky’ a dog like creation inspired from 80’s classics Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back; ‘AT-AT’, Dr who’s K9 and a Wolf.  Sparky doesn’t speak just ‘Beeps’ when he needs to communicate and frequently has new parts added to him by Inky as needed or when something falls off.  Shortly after unveiling his creation, Inky found a curious spaceship like item poking out of the sea at low tide.  After hauling it back to base and removing the shell Inky finds a baby ‘Pink Alien’ curled up inside.  Adopting this baby he and Sparky realise quite quickly that he is a handful with an enormous appetite eating almost anything.  Follow their adventures on our Youtube channel.


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