Behind every Film, Graphic Novel, Comic Book or Stage Play is a Script.  Some Scripts are set out similarly.  However, each script will incorporate the elements of stage direction, props, lighting (in some cases) time of day (or night) and viewpoint.  This is all to organise not only the actors or characters, but stage, set and/or camera direction.                                                                                                                                                                                  Sparky Ink Studio can help students learn about writing a script. How to set it out, communicate direction, props and lighting and more.


Sparky Ink Studio can help students to create a mini film, mini documentary or mini promotional video through our workshop.  The workshop will give you the chance to work on a studio project as well as your own project.  There are many skills to learn; communication, visualising and organisational are among the basic but most important as well as directing, props and setting the scene/location. Students will also learn basic camera skills.

As well as the Film skills students also learn how to edit their piece using industry software adding in visual/special effects, sound effects and recording sound/voices.