What we do…

Our vision is to be a working Digital Story-Telling Studio.  We want to tell stories in Video Games and Animation and are working to develop our own IP within these areas.  Part of what the Studio does is spreads our love of digital story telling through our workshops where we are working hard to encourage and inspire people who need extra support to realise their own creative vision and destiny.

As a small working studio we are dedicated to creating our own Studio Portfolio within two of our specialities.  We are committed to taking this step forward and to grasp an opportunity to be recognised within the industry.  As we move forward we hope that we will create sustainable career opportunities within the Studio.


V.01 Games Development

     Currently we are excited to be developing our first ‘indie’ game with the working title ‘Diezal Warz’ it is hoped we will release a playable demo during the last quarter of 2018.


V.02 Animation

     As part of our Animation division we are energized and keen to progress in building our collection of Studio Animations.  Currently our animation is in stop-motion and digital animation.  However, we hope to experiment and challenge ourselves in the future with some new techniques.  Back in 2016 we were thrilled to introduce our own Studio Characters – Sparky, Inky and Pink Alien and we have become very fond of them.  All this is in the early stages.  However, we already have some samples of experimental mini adventures on our YouTube Channel which introduce these little guys to our expanding audience.


Creative Digital Workshops

     Essentially, our second strand is the creative digital workshops which we already offer.  The workshops are a chance to be able to share our love of this industry and encourage and inspire people to realise their own creative vision and destiny. 

Our work is designed to help find ways to tap into personal talent and to tell the Digital Stories locked inside those we work with.  Our Ethos is to encourage Imagination, Develop ways for people to Communicate their ideas into a form that is right for them and to help build the Confidence to help share them with an audience.  Part of our relationship with our students is to find ways to overcome these three aspects and to help promote their work within the creative industries.

8-Bit Evolved Gaming Events

Our 8-Bit Evolved Gaming Events are all about social interaction through video gaming together.  This is a great chance for like minded individuals to get to together challenge each other and have loads of fun. We currently hold two Autism Friendly events for ages 9 – 15 and 16+. on a monthly basis.  We record the events and these are on our youtube channel.


Our Students

Our students come from all walks of life and may need extra support to develop their skills and build confidence.  We regularly work closely with people on the Autistic Spectrum through Parents and Carers, Schools and colleges and the local authority.

Our team are experienced with autism and additional needs and we are DBS checked. In addition, we can offer alternative provision (AP) for children and young people who are struggling at school or college.             

Our workshops not only give the chance to create projects or develop a hobby but build up complimentary skills for moving into further education such as college or apprenticeships and we are happy to support transitions from our studio on wards.

At the moment we do not currently offer any recognised certifications.  However, each student receives a Studio Certificate which lists and identifies areas and skills covered within the workshops.  In addition, students work towards building a portfolio or a website to showcase their work.  There are references to the software used on each of our Workshop pages.


Our Studio is committed to helping overcome some of these challenges and to create opportunities that promote our ethos.  In addition we want to help our students to handle the problems and disappointments which can naturally happen in life by positively using these experiences to tell the best stories.  Our commitment is to develop a relationship with our students that gives them confidence to access and achieve within the creative industries, developing at their own pace in a patient and understanding environment.    

Our Clients

Our work largely works with Individuals, Families, Schools, Colleges, the Local Authority and Council, Social Services, the Job Centre, the NHS and Local Support Groups .  In addition to our workshops, we provide social events in Video Gaming and Green-screening.and we work with organisations, community groups and businesses on  team building sessions using Animation, Green-screening and filming projects.


Work Experience and Career Opportunities

We are always happy to offer work Experience.  As a working Studio we encourage participation in our own Studio Portfolio and Projects.  We hope that in the future we can expand our team involving the people who have been to the workshops or engaged in work experience at the Studio. Check out our Blog for opportunities and subscribe to our newsletter.


If you would like to know more about us or help in anyway please subscribe to our newsletter and our YouTube channel or contact us on ginger@sparkyink.co.uk or via our Contact Page.