Some of our Recent Projects

2019 "REACH FOR THE STARS" Projects Planned



During 2019 we have some great projects in the works.

In February we will be the Premiere of our latest mini film which was filmed during the Summer of 2018.  The Film is a project that we created with Kaps.Autism Community Group.  All the actors in the film are from the group.  We filmed entirely in one day at our Studio and then the film spent around 5 months in post-production being edited by Josh. The film is a silent B type movie titled "They came from your feet" 

dIEZAL wARZ - Video Game


During 2019 we have planned to finally get our Game off the starting line.  Over the last few years we have been developing the story and we are now at last at a point where we can start building the game.  We are building using the Unreal Engine 4.  

It is unlikely it will be released during 2019 but we are hoping there will at least be some sneek previews.

Picture taken from UnrealEngine4 Logo



We have been invited to create a documentary from some very old footage of the building where we are based.  The will be working with us to create this slice of history and legacy.

We are also producing a video or them too which we made during their Remembrance day service.  Which remembered the 100th Anniversary of the end of the Great War.  Both these films will be published during 2019.

Picture taken from

"Year Defining Thumbs" PROJECTS FROM 2018

For our Second Birthday we decided to design and develop a small gameon GameMaker Studio 2 to be played at our 8-Bit Evolved Gaming Events and also as a tool for allowing our students to create extra levels on the game.  Here is the footage from the game.  "tHAT bIRTHDAY gAME" was made in 2 weeks from concept to development.

"Year Zero" PROJECTS FROM 2017

During 2017 we created an animation for Pumpkin Night.  Here is the behind the scenes documentary that we made.  Check out the Pumpkin Horror video at YouTube Channel.

"Starting from Nothing" PROJECTS FROM 2016

When we first started up in 2016 we were keen to create a couple of Studio Characters that could star in their own animations.  

Sparky as well as being our studio logo is a creation made by Inky an inventor Drone Bot.  Sparky does not speak only 'Beeps' and his creation is heavily influenced by some fantastic 1980's films and TV programmes.  The Art behind Sparky and Inky is from Studio Artist Jake.

Pink Alien was created by accident by Ginger who then made a quick Claymation for Easter.